Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators

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Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators
Topical — 2022
This workshop focuses on how computer technology can be used to enhance and improve the educational experience of students. It will emphasize hands-on molecular modeling and other web-based and commercial software important for incorporating computational chemistry into the undergraduate curriculum. No previous experience with molecular modeling is required. The workshop will provide online, hands-on access to state-of-the-art computational chemistry tools, and will also guide participants to sites where many other useful tools may be downloaded for free. Online presentations and discussion will be conducted via Zoom. Participants will also have access to all course materials via a dedicated Moodle site for the workshop. Upon successful completion of the workshop and presentation of solid ideas on how computation will be used in a future course, participants will be eligible to receive a $500 stipend.
Online Workshop
Jun 13 - Jun 21
Local Coordinators
Shawn Sendlinger
Lead Instructors
Shawn Sendlinger
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May 27
This is on online workshop. Registration takes two steps. Both must be done, but they can be done in any order. Step A: Register on the XSEDE Portal. Step B: Register here on the NCSI site.
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